2011 Orchard

The floods of January 2011 – much higher than those of 2010!

Werribee River Flood 2011

Discovery Day, February 2011

On Discovery Day, orchard committee member Bronwyn gave bush tucker talks in the orchard. She presented a wide range of delicious native foods and answered many questions from the audience.
Our photos show the bush tucker marquee in the orchard, the orchard tours and the grafting demonstrations among the nursery beds. Richard covered newly grafted trees with plastic wrap to conserve moisture.
Our old apples trees promised to give a good harvest. Their boughs were laden with ripening fruit. The birds would like to harvest some too, so we covered the trees with nets.
Pears were swelling and quinces were becoming enormous, nourished by the excellent rainfall Melbourne enjoyed this summer, which filled our brand new water tank – but broke our stairway!
Despite the yellow and black warning sign, the orchard remained open to visitors every day of the week!

Grafting Day 2011

A lovely time was had by all!

Corpus Christi ex-students visiting the orchard in April 2011

Muck-up Day March 2011

Fun & Fitness Day July 2011

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