Weaving Beautiful Garden Furniture With ‘Waste’ Prunings

Instead of throwing away your prunings each year, why not save them and use them to make beautiful, useful things for your garden?

There is an old priory garden in the Loire Valley in France -the ‘Jardins du Prieuré d’Orsan’ in Maisonnais -whose design is medieval-inspired. Here, after the fruit trees are pruned, the long whip-like branches are woven together to make garden trellis, fences of varying heights, plant supports, sculptures, baskets, arched arbours, cloches, bean teepees, hedge ‘portholes’ and more.
Find out how to make them here Weavings and here Weavings2.
Photos by ‘Westher’.

Jardins du Prieuré d’Orsan – Beautiful garden weavings at the Orsan Priory in France.

Garden Basketry – Artistic creations using fruit tree prunings

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