Heritage Orchards of Australia

Community Heritage Orchards Werribee Park Heritage Orchard, Victoria.
Apples, Pears, Quinces & more

Petty’s Orchard Collection, Victoria. Apples.

Toora Heritage Pear Orchard, Victoria. Pears.

Rippon Lea Estate Heritage Orchard, Victoria. Apples and Pears.
Commercial Heritage Orchards Telopea Mountain Permaculture Farm, Victoria

MiApple Heritage Apple Trees, Victoria

Strzelecki Heritage Apples, Victoria

Morrison’s Orchard, Doncaster, Victoria

Yalca Fruit Trees, Yalca, Victoria

Stun’sail Boom River Nursery, South Australia

Loriendale Orchard, NSW

Woodbridge Fruit Trees, Tasmania

Old Goldfields Orchard, Donnybrook, Western Australia

Private Heritage Orchards ‘Gundungurra’, Bundanoon NSW Australia
Ruinous Heritage Orchards Upton Court Heritage Orchard, Victoria

Martin’s House & Orchard, Goldsborough, Victoria.

O’Halloran & Hare Farmhouse Site, Churchill, Victoria

Moranghurk Homestead, Lethbridge, Victoria

Swedes & German Gullies Puddlers & Mud Brick House, Moliagul, Victoria

Mingara, Toongabbie, LaTrobe City, Victoria

The Wonnangatta Valley Abandoned Apple Orchard, near Mansfield in the Victorian Alps.
‘ The Wonnangatta Valley, during the time of its habitation (in the mid nineteenth century) saw the introduction of exotic trees which still today produce crops in the appropriate season. The Valley provides blackberries, raspberries, apples, pears, cherries, mushrooms and chestnuts which the visiting camper can enjoy.’

Note: this list is by no means exhaustive. We welcome your additions and suggestions.

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