2010 Orchard

Winter 2010

See the photos of the orchard in winter 2010.

Collecting Scion wood in winter, 2010

Scion collecting day, July 2010.
Enthusiastic orchard volunteers and committee members cut young twigs from each tree, bag them and label them.
Soon this scionwood will be grafted to sturdy trees known as ‘rootstock’ so that the old varieties can grow on new roots.
In this way we can save the heritage varieties and keep them growing in perpetuity.
Next comes the task of identification…

See the photos here

Spring 2010

See springtime here

Family picnic, summer 2010

Everyone had a great time!

The Floods of 2010!

The water from the Werribee River just kept on rising….

Christmas 2010

See the photos here

Photos by Park Ranger Adam, 2010

See the photos here

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